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Music for body and spirit - Meditation music
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Do you have negative thoughts and can't get rid of them? Make a proper meditation while listening to this track. To destroy negative thoughts and emotional blockages the frequency of solfeggio 396 hz is an excellent solution. We have added binaural frequencies and Indian Flute gentle melodies that will help you with meditation to loose unsolved problems. Namaste You can buy this track on: Google Play Amazon or listen to it on Spotify and Deezer other links Happy listening! Activate notifications so you can stay up to date on the latest news. We publish on Monday and Wednesday. The song contains binaural frequencies, we recommend the use of earphones or headphones. To test this track we have used these earphones They have a high audio quality and are very comfortable to wear, even during sleep. Music for body and spirit channel includes also: • Reiki Music: Here you can find the music for your Reiki treatments with bell every 3 minutes, or without bell. Tracks with bell change to every position with melodies and harmonies studied in detail to help the treatment. • Meditation and Yoga music: For your short or long meditation or yoga sessions, to balance your body and spirit. Here you can find the music suitable for your taste. • Meditation Sounds The music in this playlist have as common characteristic the absence of harmonic changes and very delicate melodies, which make these songs ideal for deep meditation. • Relaxing Music: These tracks can be used in any situation: as a background while you are working, in relaxation moments after a stressful day or just when you want. • Short meditation and relaxing track: Short tracks from 4 to 10 minutes for short meditation or for relaxation. They can be listened in succession to get a long and varied track as desired. • Binaural beats: This is definitely the most special playlist. Each track was composed for a specific purpose. Using headphones or earphones you will discover very very hidden sounds ..... • Sleep music: Sleep is very important to a person's health. These compositions are designed to accompany you for the duration of your sleep or just to fall asleep. WE UNDERLINE THAT OUR MUSIC CANNOT CURE A HEALTH CONDITION NOR DOES IT WANT TO REPLACE THE ADVICE OF A DOCTOR OR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER. MOREOVER, NEVER LISTEN TO OUR MUSIC WHILST DRIVING OR OPERATING MACHINERY OF ANY KIND. Buy our music: Google Play: Amazon: Streaming music: Spotify: Deezer: Our site: Follow Music for Body and Spirit social pages: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: For business enquiries: [email protected]

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