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  • Serpentine Daughter
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    • first meeting pick a card reading
    • do they feel our connection
    • 3 month prediction
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    My name's Alyssa, I'm a pagan witch, spirit worker, and intuitive tarot reader. Four years ago, I started my journey into divination and found my calling. It is my gods-given purpose to use my abilities to help others live their best lives. 💕💕 👻👻

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  • Daddy & Daughter Discussions
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    • Canada
    • 9/11
    • Bruce Banner
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    will also be discussing father/daughter issues and things that may come up in the life

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  • My Rockstar Daughter
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    • brothers sisters
    • speech on my father is my role model
    • english poem with gestures
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    This is an entertainment and educational channel for kids. I created this channel on October 2017.It features my little 4yrs old girl who loves singing and dancing and acting 😊. My Channel is all about kids videos: Educational videos,Entertaining videos,Fun ,Lifestyle and Hairstyle videos. Kids learn fast when they see other kids.Make your child learn in a fun way.Come and Join the party :LEARNING IN A FUN WAY. If you like my videos,please consider subscribing: Follow me on Facebook: Follow me on Instagram: Email us on : ***

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  • Neptune’s Daughter
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    • libra
    • sagittarius
    • cancer
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    :// You also can find me on Facebook at: Neptune's Daughter. My email

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  • Daughter of Increase
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    • Until the Mountains Fall
    • Connilyn Cossette
    • traveler's notebook
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    Welcome to Daughter of Increase. A Christian empowerment channel geared towards women of all ages... and races. John 3:30 says "He must increase, but I MUST decrease." KJV. Daughter of Increase... daughters we must learn to decrease of ourselves daily so that God can increase us in the right areas

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  • daughters of Innana
    Influencer’s URL has been copieddaughters of Innana
    • South Korea. You aren't depressing at all.
    • CORRECTION: think NORTH Korea. Sorry
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    • 409Videos
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  • Daughter of Virtue
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedDaughter of Virtue
    • modesty
    • Homeschool
    • Christian persecution
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    • 82Videos
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  • Daughter&Mom pl
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    • #konkurs
    • #tiktok
    • #mójpokój
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    🍭Cześć ! Witaj na naszym kanale . Pewnie trafiłeś tu przez przypadek. Ale zostań ! Na pewno będzie Ci miło oglądając nasz kanał . Kliknij czerwony przycisk subskrybuj ! Dlaczego ? Żeby oglądać nas na bieżąco. Kliknij też w dzwoneczek 🍭Hey ! Welcome to our channel. You probably came here by accident. But stay! For sure you will be happy watching our channel. Click on the red subscribe button! Why? To watch us on a regular basis . Also click on the bell . 🍭Obserwuj nas także na (Also follow us on) : Instagram : Snapchat : daughtermom_pl E-mail : ***

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  • The Carpenter's Daughter
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedThe Carpenter's Daughter
    • maker show
    • dfds ferry
    • wall tile installation
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    Hi, I'm Vikkie, a UK award winning DIY & Home Improvement blogger & YouTuber. Featured on BBC One's Right on the Money, regularly on BBC radio stations about why I think we're increasingly living in a throw away society and hopefully inspiring ordinary people. DIY blog:

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  • Favorite Daughter Emily
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedFavorite Daughter Emily
    • Canada
    • plan to plan sticker co
    • hunter fans
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    • 906Videos
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    I love to share, so let me take you along on my journey!

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