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  • Oka Wi Ortega
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedOka Wi Ortega
    • شرقى
    • مفشوخيتو
    • anghami
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    Began care Music in the age of thirteen , you better Music rap and dance at weddings , and I joined a rap dance troupe name (8%) with more than two dozen dancers , and gave many performances in the streets and weddings .. I got to know Ortega by his brother , who was a member of the band, the time was song Music Classic regular , in integrating rap with classic and sing together, were not a new idea at the time, but then began to spread Music festivals , which was then without words , just playing the machines different. Ortega was a player in the junior team to team ENPPI Club , his life was normal and day passes between the club and the home only , so I got to know Oka when he visited the house and suggested the idea of singing , I started practicing on performance , and then changed my life completely. And entered into the world of folk festivals Two years ago .. Using Festival ' Upholstery ' some words and add to the folklore of our words , I sing rap popular way , Ortega sang c

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  • لفاري استوديو
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedلفاري استوديو
    • حصريا مهرجان شفيق 2019 غناء تيتو و شيتوس و فورتيكا و البلدوزر - توزيع البوب شبح فيصل 2018
    • شتيمه وتريقه لاعيبه الاهلي لمرتضي منصور وايهاب جلال 2018
    • بوازيك فيصل #مهرجانات
    • 2.4RBSubscribers
    • 101Videos
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  • Youssef Jaxson
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedYoussef Jaxson
    • المدفعجية
    • dance
    • status quo(band)
    • 158Subscribers
    • 42Videos
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    #مشروع_فنان_شامل هو حلم حياتي واثق الخطوة يمشي ملكاً #تقليد #غنا #تمثيل كله تلاقي

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