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http://www.BizVidCommunications.com Welcome to another in a series of Premiere Pro video tutorials brought to you by San Diego video production company, BizVid Communications. Today, I’ll be showing you how to pan and zoom graphics and pictures to add that “Ken Burns” effect to your project. So let’s get started. The project size is 1920 x 1080 and I have already imported a few pictures at a size larger than the project size. This will give me extra pixels to zoom and pan so that the picture will stay clear and sharp. However if your slides are not that large, don’t worry about it…work with what you have…you can always “scale to frame size.” Okay, in this first step I will place my CTI (Current Time Indicator) at the head of the clip. This is where I’ll place a “Key Frame” for the beginning position and a “Key Frame” for the beginning scale size….here you can see the scale is 100%. A key frame is really just a place marker that tells Premiere Pro where to begin the motion effect. Next, in the Effects Controls panel I’m going to click these little “stopwatch” icons….one for “Position” and one for “Scale.” Let me twirl these down so you can see what’s been added. Here you can see a “Key Frame” for position and one for scale. Keep in mind that the starting point is wherever you have your picture. Now I’ll place the CTI at the end of the clip, the point where I want the action finish. Next, in the Effects Control panel, I’ll change the Position and scale parameters so that over time, the viewer will see the motion from beginning to end. Notice that the “Key Frames” were generated automatically. This is always the case for each time you change the CTI and the position and scale parameters. Now, if the motion is not beginning and ending exactly where you want it to, you can click and drag the “Key Frames” to the points you’re looking for. But be sure to select all “Key Frames” in that timeframe to be sure the effect stays intact. For example, if I add a dissolve to the next slide, you’ll see that I have to adjust so that the motion stays smooth into the next slide. Okay….I’ll do the next slide. Same process…place my CTI at the beginning but this time I’ll set three “Key Frames” one for “Position” one for “Scale” and one for “Rotation.” Next, I’ll go to the point at which I want the motion to stop then change the parameters for each….”position” “scale” and “rotation.” And there it is. Now, what if I want this same motion for the next slide? That’s easy, I simply select the clip that I want to copy the motion from then right click. Then, I’ll select the clip I want to copy the effect to, right click in “Video Effects” and “paste.” And that’s it. I hope you have learned something from this tutorial. For more Premier Pro teachings, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and visit our website at www.BizVidCommunications.com for a look at the type of work we do. Thanks for watching.

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