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I've struggled with how to present the write up for this episode, simply because I know it's so controversial. But I'll say this:   We're not being given the facts about the science (or lack thereof) behind vaccine safety. We've been told vaccine injuries are 1 in 1-million. We've been told that they're safe an effective in protecting us from scary diseases. We've also been lead to believe that anyone who questions vaccines is diluted. But you're different. You ask questions. You're curious. You listen to eye-opening podcasts which present a broad spectrum of data and resources. SO, I present to you a fact-based conversation about the vaccine debate.  Del Bigtree - Founder of the Informed Action Consent Network (ICAN) is one of the most outspoken advocates for consumer safety on the planet, and he has the credentials to back it up. He's produced award-winning television shows including CBS "Doctors," "Dr. Phil," and has produced one of the most controversial documentary films ever released called "Vaxxed." "Vaxxed tells the story of CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, who shared that the CDC covered up research that linked vaccines to autism.  In this episode, we tackle the issue of vaccine safety head on and Del shares with us cited, proven data that explains the Big Pharma's plan to inject all of us against our will. We also cover: •Facts and figures FROM THE CDC, WHO, NIH and EPA about the dangers of our current vaccine schedule • The failure in the system of reporting vaccine injuries • How Big Pharma is protected from law suits from vaccine injuries.  •.0002% have a risk of dying of measles, and that includes some of the poorest nations in the world. • How the third leading cause of death in the US is a trip to the hospital, where 250,000 are killed every year from hospital visits for something other than the reason they went in the first place. • The benefits of getting measles as a child, and how Del hopes his kids get measles.  • The rest of the story when it comes to the Disney measles outbreak - and that 38% fo the cases were actually caused by the vaccine itself.  • Debunking the argument that vaccines protect immunocompromised children. • What is vaccine shedding? • What is a titer? • How Big Pharma is out spending oil lobbies 2-1 to further their money grab  LINKS TO ADDITIONAL CITED RESEARCH ICAN WHITEPAPER ON VACCINE SAFETY - DANGERS OF ELIMINATING EXEMPTIONS AND CURTAILING VACCINE CRITICISM - AUTISM AND ALUMINUM IN ADJUVANTS -   Follow Natural Stacks Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Shop Natural Stacks Shop:

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