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yeah it was pretty bad Merch: thanks to JunkJanker for voicing the bus driver: Thanks to BlookyBeat for animating a thing: Music: Beginning: Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams Whole Video: Kinda Awkward by Ionics Endcard Music: Title - New Super Mario Bros. Wii ___________________________________________________________________________________________ hey everyone thanks for watching! sorry I've been gone for a while, I'm gonna try making new (shorter) animations soon! anyway have a good day and goodbye. ___ Hello there! Welcome to my YouTube channel! I'm Infamous Swoosh, I'm currently 16 and I've been animating since late February 2016. It's really a blessing to see such a huge amount of supporters! Thank you all so much. If you are interested in pretty decent animations, Q&A's, and more to come in the future, then subscribe!! Welcome! Get some popcorn, and relax... [QUESTIONS PEOPLE ASK] What Equipment Do I Use? I used a HUION Professional Pen Tablet 2048 Levels for 2 years then upgraded to the HUION GT-185 I use a Blue Snowball to record my videos, but from March 2016 - June 2017 i used a Nady SCM-1000 Studio Condenser Microphone to record my videos What Software Do I Use? I use Adobe Flash CS4 to animate my videos and Wondershare Filmora to edit (its not the best program so I don't recommend it but it does its job for me) Instagram: infamous_swoosh Twitter: @InfamousSwoosh VidMe: InfamousSwoosh Milestones: 10k ~ 1/9/17 25k ~ 9/12/17 50k ~ 2/25/18 love y'all, ok bye

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