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How To Cure Bad Breath Permanently | What To Drink To Get Rid of Bad Breath. Subscribe : Halitosis is a chronic symptom. The real cause is an unhygienic oral. It leads to limestone accumulation and follows by curvy and insufficient saliva. The saliva acts as an oral cleanser. When oral doesn’t produce enough saliva, the dead cells will build up around tongue, teeth and internal cheek areas and cause the halitosis. Smoking and eating strong smell foods are also cause bad breath. There are also a few diseases which cause halitosis such as sinusitis and liver disease. What could help to relief the halitosis? 1. Mints. Mint helps to release saliva to relief bad breath. 2. Green tea and black tea. Catechin in green tea and Theaflavins in black tea help to relief bad breath. To relief bad breath with black tea, you need to double volume by compared it with the green tea volume. 3. Fruits. Drinking a glass of fruit juice or eating some fruits after meals is recommended. Good odor of fruits helps to relief bad breath. Can ginger, apple and lemon smoothies help to get rid of bad breath? 1. Apple is a high nutrition fruit. It also has many health-benefit minerals. You can eat it before bed time without getting rotting teeth. 2. Ginger helps to get rid of bad breath, killing bacteria, strengthen teeth to protect decayed tooth and soothing toothache symptom. 3. Lemon has citric acid which kill oral bacteria as well as increase saliva volume to wash down the oral bacteria. Additional suggestions Some ingredients affect bad breath such as garlics, onions, green sweet chilies, spring onions, ginger and chilies. Smoking and drinking also lead to gastric peristaltic wave, intestine and affect the liver function which cause the bad breath.

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