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Rp 35.04JT  (Setiap Video)
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Video paling banyak dilihat dari Channel Youtube Chi-chi Channel YouTube
6.49JT Views· 2018-06-22 Tanggal publikasi· 59.33RB Likes· 4.01RB Komen

BUY NOW! Links below iTunes: https://tinyurl.com/yayoefxj Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/y9n79x9q Google play: https://tinyurl.com/y7llo2lj Animation by Coda: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL8Wk-_MgnFnZV5Hfn9eM7g Heya dudes! I'm really happy to present this song after having it in the hanger for months on end, because of a number of circumstances (ie I couldn't come up with a video for beans) I could never get it released, but thanks to the amazingly talented Coda I can now share this song with all of you! I hope you enjoy it! Feel Free to do reactions! Lyrics: I remember you said long ago that I would be the star of your show in the end, though I see it was lies you've just come back to reclaim what's mine I've been working here patiently between the lines creating perfection takes torment and time but never the less I've still been through it all and now they all see I'm a doll, face it everywhere you look around it's my domain no one else deserves it more it's in my name and if you behave yourself I'll set you free it's clear, you belong to me oh, don't you dare mistake me for another fool I'm the one who pulls the strings now you're my tool don't you understand my little errand boy? here you are only my toy, and you'll be mine a great creator once said it's much more art than science as long as you believe you only need the right appliance a bit of blessing and caressing with a lot of work and in due time my dears you all will see the perks now understand who you're working for I'm up in heaven you're on the floor and soon you'll see I have much in store for you, it's less than a chore now, don't you dare mistake me for another fool I'm the one who pulls the strings now you're my tool don't you understand my little errand boy? here you are only my toy, and you'll be mine I won't let myself be lead astray again I should have known better than to trust, a friend blinded by the hopes of having dreams come true now I know just what to do let those vermin come to me just let them try I'm the angel everyone adores with pride not even the devil now can take me down infamy and fortune abound don't you dare mistake me for another fool I'm the one who pulls the strings now you're my tool don't you understand my little errand boy? here you are only my toy, and you'll be you must be you'll trust me they'll all see it will be mine SOCIAL MEDIA GO Chi-chi TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ChichiAi TUMBLR: http://http://chisanaai.tumblr.com/ DEVIANTART: http://chisanaaii.deviantart.com/ SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/chisanaai Coda TWITTER: https://twitter.com/codaanim YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL8Wk-_MgnFnZV5Hfn9eM7g/featured

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Kathy-chan ★6komentar di 6 videos
WeegeeSlayer6komentar di 6 videos
Trijosh5komentar di 5 videos
CG55komentar di 5 videos
Nick K4komentar di 4 videos
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