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Avunu (Telugu: అవును) (English: 'yes') is a 2012 suspense thriller Telugu film written and directed by Ravi Babu and actress Poorna is playing the lead role and Harshvardhan Rane is playing an important role in this film and the movie has no songs.[1][2][3][4] The film, which was made on a budget of INR 45 lakhs, did astonishingly well at box office which came as a big surprise to even the director.[5] The story of Avunu revolves mainly around Mohini (Poorna) and her husband Harsha (Harshvardhan Rane). They are a newly married couple and they settle down in a gated community near Gandipet called ‘Classic Homes’. Very soon, strange and unexplained phenomena are observed in the house. A ghost / spirit starts stalking Mohini and takes voyeuristic pleasure in watching her nude while dressing up etc. Meanwhile, their neighbors have a small kid, Vicky, who claims to be able to speak to his dead grandfather. Vicky seems to see the spirits of departed souls but no one believes him. He claims that the spirit of Captain Raju is in the house of the newlyweds. Harsha and Mohini make plans to go for a honeymoon to Paris. But things take an ugly turn once the ghost decides to start getting aggressive in its overtures towards Mohini. The shell shocked young lady attempts to flee from the evil spirit, but all her attempts are blocked. Slowly after Vicky speaking to his Father about his habit of saying sorry to the photo of the dead grandfather since his carelessness was the reason for the old man's death, Vicky’s parents and the people around Mohini realize that the spirit of Captain Raju is real and Vicky's Father runs to Harsha's house to save them from the spirit of Captain Raju after Vicky's prophecy that the couple would die in the hands of Captain Raju. Meanwhile things get worse as Captain Raju gets into the body of Harsha and tries to rape her. Mohini stabs restlessly Harsha with a knife. Vicky's Father and the watchman save them and Harsha is sent to hospital. Meanwhile, a police officer arrests Mohini and takes her to police station for interrogation. There the Circle Inspector Janardhan (Jeeva) interrogates her and Mohini narrates the whole story. When he asks about the ghost, Mohini shows towards the police who escorted her. Later the watchman tells that Captain Raju is a Labour Supplier who is an Intense Womanizer. The whole Labour killed him and placed his Pieces of Body under the slab of classic homes. The climax is shown that footprints of Captain Raju follows Mohini on a wet floor while she is moving towards the I.C.U. where Harsha is under the supervision of Doctors which implies the death of the couple according to Vicky's prophecy.

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