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61.54RB Views· 2019-07-09 Tanggal publikasi· 2.15RB Likes· 472 Komen

Transport Fever 2 recently held an exclusive press event in Berlin and I was lucky enough to be invited along to check out the new game. Based on talking to the development team and 3+ hours of hands-on gameplay, these are all the new gameplay features you can look forward to when the new game releases in late 2019. This video covers the graphics engine upgrade, world editor, traffic management, overlays, pollution, new freight/cargo system, modular station system, changes to scale, multiplayer, AI opponents, day/night cycle and the design philosophy of Urban Games. There's a 20 minute interview with campaign designer and community manager Tom at the end of this video. *********** Keep reading! This is where I put an easter egg in every video! It definitely isn't exactly the same every single time. No. Secrets are shared below. You should click on all the links to ensure you don't miss the secrets (*). Would you like a personal video just for you? Perhaps you have a burning question you'd like answered? Now you can have exactly that. Visit me on ScaleAbout and I'll see what I can do : If you'd like to get an extra video per week, join the Fail Brigade Discord server, play games with the Colonel and help the channel grow you have two paths to glory: Option 1: Patreon - Option 2: YouTube - Buy yourself or someone you dislike a Colonel Failure hoodie, or pair of socks, or mug, or cushion. The cushion is definitely comforting. Do you want to follow a Twitter account that is actually cheerful? Not in the kind of way that offers life-affirming, inspirational text with a waterfall in the background, but in a jolly, acerbic kind of way? Follow me on Twitter. That's what I do. Do you want to know what videos are coming up each week? A few people do. I don't always get around to publishing the schedule, but when I do, I do it on Facebook. Not sure why I chose Facebook, but there you are. That's all for now. You can go about your business. (*) - Today's secret: Actually, I've not secrets left to tell you, I've got them all in this video. What I will say is that I rarely allow myself to get too excited about upcoming games, but I'm really looking forward to this one.

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