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Retire in Mexico




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Hi Guys & Gals! Our videos are about Cost of living in Mexico, Moving to Mexico & Retiring in Mexico. Cindy has 24 yrs. experience living in Mexico.
Our channel was featured on ABC15 Arizona:
Fred & Cindy Ouellette, a Texas couple who now live in a small town a few blocks away from the beach, are renting a one bedroom apartment for $150 a month. They now run a popular YouTube blog called "Retire in Mexico" to talk about their big move, showcase their adventures, and share advice with others who may be considering the same.

Retire in Mexico, its owners and guests are not immigration professionals. This channel is for information and entertainment purposes only. Neither the owners nor their guests are responsible for how you use the information presented on this You Tube channel or any consequences

To help Fred & Cindy with video expenses please see DONATE NOW button below. It has other donate options, too.
You are a blessing, Fred & Cindy.
Tim NoxInfluencer

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