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2.03JT Views· 2018-03-08 Tanggal publikasi· 27.39RB Likes· 1.52RB Komen

After Scout's refusal to take his hat off, the RED team starts to wonder what he's hiding... ✂️ 💈 OH MY GOD WE MADE THE DEADLINE BY ONE MINUTE!!!! 5:59 HOLY CRAP. IM DYING SOME PARTS OF IT ARE SOOOOO RUSHED! Thank you anyways for your support, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, it's been a WHILE and I've missed you guys!! This comedy Saxxy would not have happened without the hours I put in , and the tremendous talent of my team and cast! The script was written by me! I shared the animation director role with Dr_Steen - who is great at hilarious physical scenes and keeping our team on track. With perfect comedic delivery, our skilled voice cast brought my wonky script to life - scroll down to see who voiced who! Our story would be incomplete without the generous JZeeba, who made our sketchy concept art into quality-grade tangible 3D models. Lastly, our friends Hacho, Razzlet, and nick consistently saved the day. And making you guys laugh was our motivation, so thanks to everyone who will watch, stare at, and maybe even ENJOY (?) this video. PLEASE VOTE IF YOU CAN! CAST Nocturne the Lark as Scout Drew as Soldier EmNudge as Heavy & Sniper Tyler "Sarge Ray" Fultz as Medic & Spy Lunar Scythe as Engineer Sourcenick as Screaming Man #3 CREW Mag Magnet - animation director, screenwriter, storyboarder & soundtrack composer Dr_Steen - co-director, executive producer, story consultant, & project coordinator Razzlet - animation rescuer Hacho - animation rescuer man #2 Nick - rendering consultant & pizza delivery man Dapper Dog - emotional support Megaf00t - emotional support Nocturne The Lark - Key Grip, Best Boy Workshop Items Used: ======= Subscribe! See me animate! Join my Steam group for updates!

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