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795.6RB Views· 2019-01-01 Tanggal publikasi· 22.3RB Likes· 3.63RB Komen

READ DESCRIPTION To best understand my talking parrot, Vinny USE HEADPHONES! My Parrot goes on a date and has a lot to say about it! Vinny talks a lot in this video. This is my parrot's first reaction to a bird like him!! Vinny is a Galah Cockatoo but because he is a rescue bird, I don't know if he has ever seen a bird like himself before, let alone a female. For those of you who love Vinny subtitles, this is definitely the video to see! For those of you who want to know about Vinny talking and how I understand him, well sometimes he talks a lot of nonsense but after doing these a lot where I translate him, I have begun to understand him more on the spot. Personally, I often find it creepy how well he can pick up and respond to things, I am not sure who he is possessed by. LOL Let me know in the comments if you could understand him well, also remember use headphones!! he is the fastest talking parrot!! I swear!! 💔 HELP FIND PICASSO | https://goo.gl/bcYPrq ❤️ THE COOLEST PARROT MERCH | https://goo.gl/7JiYz6 ❤️ BECOME A VIP | https://www.patreon.com/marlenemccohen 🧡 FOR BIRDS | https://www.amazon.com/shop/marlenemc... 💛 SEND A SHOUT OUT! | https://goo.gl/xHHm3B 💚 A FILM FOR PARROT LOVERS | https://goo.gl/ZMm2oN 💙 PARROT STATION | https://goo.gl/Xz9oGD 🖤 FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA @MARLENEMCCOHEN 🔗DIRECT LINKS👇 INSTAGRAM 💜 https://goo.gl/jQnRFE FACEBOOK 💜 https://goo.gl/hJxnVu TWITTER 💜 https://goo.gl/1rhpRu TIK TOK 💜 @MARLENEMCCOHEN MUSIC 💜 https://goo.gl/ayqo6r Welcome to my community of parrot lovers! We believe in engaging with your birds and not caging them #engagednotcaged I make these parrot vlogs to bring awareness to these intelligent and sensitive parrots in peoples homes that are forgotten about, abused and locked in cages forever, (often in basements and garages). My goal to show the world how smart and incredible these creatures are by entertaining, educating and sharing my parrots' \"Engaged Not Caged\" life with the public and hopefully inspire you to do the same for your birds or encourage someone else who has birds to educate themselves! I wish we didn't have birds in captivity but since we do, this is my way of helping the ones that don't have a voice. So, come on this journey with me, my rescue parrots and other rescue animals and let us share and show everyone what our birds are made of. Let's fight this fight together! 📫 SEND US MAIL MARLNE MC'COHEN P.O.BOX 572908 TARZANA, CA 91316 MY PARROTS ❤️ JERSEY 🐦 Umbrella Cockatoo PICASSO 🐦 Mustache Parakeet VINNY 🐦 Galah cockatoo ROCKY 🐦 Harlequin Macaw CODY 🐦 African Grey LEO 🐦 Red Lored Amazon Hybrid NELLIE 🐤 Senegal MONTY 🐤 Senegal MY OTHER RESCUE PETS 🧡 SANDY 🐶 Mutt (Papillion Mix) HARRY 🐶 Mutt (Poodle Mix) STARBUCKS 🐱 Tortoiseshell Cat CHARLIE 🦆 Muscovy Duck MY REPTILES 💚 STANLEY 🦎Gecko PASTEL 🦎Chameleon FUN PLAYLISTS🌈 📕Story Time Sunday | https://goo.gl/RNYLJL 📙Parrot Tip Tuesday | https://goo.gl/aEkFYp 📒Talking Parrots With Subtitles | https://goo.gl/6Da2dR 📗Starbucks The Cat | https://goo.gl/Fp4A7Q 📘Catching the Bird Bandit | https://goo.gl/JmknUD CHANNEL KEYWORDS 📍 #parrottalk #parrottalkingwithsubtitles #parrots #birds #pets #funny #musatcheparakeet #cockatoo #macaw #africangrey #amazon #senegal #parakeet #parrottraining #howto #familyfriendly #cockatootantrum #cockatoodancing #parrottalking #talkingparrot #funnyparrot #marlenemccohen #pettube #animalrights #engagednotcaged #cat #dog #allmypets #petvlogger #animalchannel #amazingpets #bird #parrot #cutepets DISCLAIMER📌 Thank you for subscribing to my channel! Your support means a lot to me. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

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