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Support my work: Instamojo: Patreon: Note: Patreon takes only credit card/paypal, if you don't have that, use instamojo link! I caught dhruv rathee's lie. To save his face, he lied repeatedly and in this video I tell the truth. Dhruv rathee made a video about Ayushman Bharat scheme and started the video with a lie. He quoted a report saying that 55 million people went into poverty in 2017 (Modi Govt.) due to medical bills. While the truth is that this report said 55 million people went in poverty during 2011-12 (Congress Govt.). I called this out in a tweet and a fake news busting website \"facthunt\" featured my tweet and created a detailed article. After this, dhruv updated only his comment on the video. Description of the video still didn't talk about 2011-12, it just read 'one year\". And his facebook post still had caption saying \"in 2017.\" Next day, I tweeted again at 12:25 pm, calling out dhruv's hypocrisy about description and facebook post. After nearly 2 hours, he edited his facebook post (you can check the edit history). Then, he made another post and lied that he updated his comment after the source of his information \"indiaspend\" updated the story (he even used the indiaspend website in his image). While the truth is indiaspend posted the story on 19th july, and they made the error of saying 2017. But, they updated the story on the same day and they even tweeted about it. Dhruv made his video in september. So there is no question of indiaspend updating the story after his video. Dhruv already knew the whole truth and while making the video, there is no chance that he didn't find that the correct year should be 2011-12 because it was published in several mainstream media outlets. He deeliberately kept it 2017 to promote his propaganda, which doesn't permit him to say bad about congress. He gives source links in most of his videos, but didn't give any source in this one because he knew, he will be caught. He just hoped that no one will find out but unfortunately, I did. After being exposed by the tweets, he lied repeatedly so I had to make this video to explain the whole issue. Dhruv Rathee's Video:- Indiaspend report: My First Tweet: Fact Hunt's report: Dhruv's fb post with video: My second tweet: Dhruv's latest fb post: My third tweet: Watch and share the video! Watch my other videos: No Detention Policy: Fake News against Smriti Irani: Anti Hindu bias in TOI: AAP Leader Sanjay Singh spreading lies about Rafale Deal: Doorstep Delivery of Ration in Delhi: Thanks a lot. Follow my handle @anopenletter001 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: An Open Letter #DhruvRatheeExposed #DhruvRathee

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