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It's time for New Bullet Journal Setup! So since this July I'll start a new bullet journal, because I have a custom to start a new journal every 6 months rather than one year. For those of you who are wondering what I'm gonna do with the leftover pages on my old journal, don't worry, I need plenty of brainstorming and sketching space so I'll definitely use them up. ^^ So I updated my yearly setup a bit, but also kept some things exactly the same. I think this time of the year is a great time to revisit your goals a bit and see where you are with them. There's still PLENTY of time left in 2019, so don't worry if you didn't do as well as you planned, you still have a chance! ❤ I'm so excited to start this new journal and finally experience the highly praised Archer&Olive notebook. My first experiences with it have been very positive and I wonder if you could see how much whiter the pages were in this video, lol. I was struggling with it a bit while filming, because suddenly my white table looked yellow next to it. :D Anyway, I really hope this new bullet journal setup/migration was helpful to you and you could find some new ideas from it. ❤ (Also I NEEED to apologise for my English mistakes, they were driving me crazy while editing this video so I can just imagine how annoying you native speakers find them... ^^") ------------------------------ THE TOOLS I USED: ♦ Notebook: Archer&Olive Night Sky Dot Grid Notebook: ♦ Reeves Gouache Paints 24-pack (I used the colors Prussian Blue, Black, Blue Lake and White): (US) | (UK) ♦ Tombow Dual Brush Pen N. N95 Cool Grey 1: (US) | (UK) ♦ Uni Posca 07 White Marker: (US) | (UK) ♦ Sakura Pigma Microns (01, 08): (US) | (UK) (My Amazon links are affiliate links, which means I earn a small comission if you shop through my links. I appreciate a lot if you do so since it helps me to continue doing these videos ❤) Others: - Ruler: I've bought this probably 7 years ago from my local stationary store, I have no idea which brand this is ^^" - Glue roller: from local book/stationary store (any brand does the same thing) ------------------------------ MUSIC: from Epidemic Sound ------------------------------ MY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA: ♦ Website/Blog: Coming ^^ ♦ Instagram: @journal.away ♦ Pinterest: @journalaway ... Hello everybody! My name is Anna and I'm a young woman from Finland with wild dreams. I started bullet journaling in March 2018 and I'm completely in love. If you share the same hobby, grab your journal, sit back and Journal Away with me. ❤ #JournalAway #BulletJournal #NewBulletJournal

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