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15.62RB Views· 2019-01-05 Tanggal publikasi· 270 Likes· 25 Komen

Happy New Year! Sorry I have been a bit MIA I had some memory card issues and just enjoying the winter break :) I filmed this video about a month ago (hence why you will see Christmas decor as well as a pumpkin. BUT I did really film this at 6am so I am proud of myself. Also, you may have noticed I did not eat breakfast. I usually don't- my students eat breakfast in the classroom so sometimes I eat with them or I wait till their lunch at 10:30. This is a collab video with a few other teacher-tubers. Check out the links below. Hope you enjoy! TEACHERS IN THIS COLLAB Kate @The Sleepy Teacher Vanessa @my2ndgradelife Mayleen @Mrs.Call'sCampers ....................................................................................................... Hello! My name is Moira and I am in my third year of teaching Kindergarten ESL in a public school in Chicago. Watch the video to get a glimpse into a day in the life of a teacher! CLASSROOM TOUR: #morningroutine #teachervlog #teacherlife Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe :) Try HP Instant Ink: Instagram: @kindkindergarten Email:

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