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Alan Fitzpatrick
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63.15RB Views· 2019-04-19 Tanggal publikasi· 2.87RB Likes· 70 Komen Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave imprint has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 2016. With an impressive catalogue of releases from established techno heavyweights, aspiring fresh talent and the boss himself, the label enters its’ third year equipped and ready to dominate the charts. We Are The Brave started 2019 with a bang, offering up Alan’s colossal 7 track ‘11:11 The Awakening EP’. Alan has also focused his attention on the events game, curating the second edition of his own ‘Alan Fitzpatrick’s Day’ festival and pioneering his brand at iconic venues across the world, including Fabric London, Motion Bristol, Watergate Berlin and Schimanski New York. Fitzpatrick’s follow up release on We Are The Brave comes in the form of a two track collaboration with Grammy Award Winning duo CamelPhat. ‘Kona’ brings the relentless energy you would expect from a collab project of this magnitude. With its’ pummeling kick, synth stabs and evolving chord progression, the track encapsulates Fitzpatrick’s acclaimed rave style. ‘Liberation’ takes a deeper course. The superbly placed percussive programming blends flawlessly with its’ chunky modulated leads while the entrancing, hedonistic vocal gives way to a vigorous groove. This track is oozing with melodic-techno finesse. “It’s always exciting for me to work with new artists and people that I think can bring a different take on things in the studio. As individual artists our styles are fairly different, and that always sparks some magic in the studio. This time round it was techno magic, in the form of Kona and Liberation” says Alan.

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