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Maya and Mary [EN]
Bergabung dengan YouTube di: 2013-08-30Area: Amerika Serikat  Bahasa: Bahasa Inggris 
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13  (di bulan terakhir)
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Rp 164.05JT  (Setiap Video)
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129.49JT Views· 2019-08-11 Tanggal publikasi· 0 Likes· 30 Komen

Belajar Hewan liar untuk anak-anak - Mainan binatang untuk anak anak #3 We are in the Car & Wheels on the Bus | Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs by Maya and Mary #3 About channel Maya and Mary. We create high-quality entertaining and educational songs so that your kid can have fun and benefit. Our videos are suitable for those parents who consider it important to develop in kids: - Emotional intelligence. In all our videos we instill eternal values – love for family, friendship, kindness, and mutual help. - Thinking and erudition. Our educational video-songs will help kids learn colors, shapes, professions, new words and others. As well as creativity in solving life problems. - Careful attitude to own body. Many of our songs are dedicated to physical education, hygiene. Together with our videos, children will get used to the fact that taking care of themselves and doing sports are essential activities to maintain the body in good shape. By the way, watching, dancing, and singing along together with us children will be able to easily learn English, because we always sign the lyrics in large colorful letters and sing so that children can intuitively learn new words and sing along. New useful and entertaining songs for children we publish every week! Thank you for being with us! #MayaAndMary #NurseryRhymes #KidsSong #WeAreInTheCar #TheWheelsOnTheBus Project Maya and Mary are developed and owned by the music label "Joy Action". © Joy Action

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