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12.34RB Views· 2018-12-31 Tanggal publikasi· 767 Likes· 119 Komen

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mega_Man_2 Mega Man 2 is a beloved NES game from my earliest days of gaming, and contains one of my all-time favorite soundtracks, composed by Mr. Takashi Tateishi. It always struck me how rhythmic and how much more central the drums were, in general, when compared to many other NES soundtracks. I'm also not sure if I'm conflating this with nostalgia and my connection to the game, but the themes themselves feel like they resonate with the essence of their respective characters. This takes a lot of imagination and a skill set that reflects that of a film score composer, so hats off again to Mr. Tateishi! I originally set out to do this over a DECADE ago, around the time I had posted my initial three videos with the much larger white kit, criss-crossing cable hats, etc. I remember putting together a far more abbreviated, prosaic medley with GoldWave and writing parts on notebook paper by hand. I'm glad I waited, for this is far more epic hehe. Video game music vids are probably now regarded as cliche and 'dime a dozen', but this was gobs of fun and always something I wanted to do. Presented here is a medley of all of the main themes and lots of the miscellaneous ones. "Air Man" and "Bubble Man" are at the end because they are my favorites. Interestingly, everything either hovers around 150 BPM or 180 BPM; check the chart for closer details. 0:00 - Enemy Chosen 0:06 - Flash Man 0:45 - Heat Man 1:10 - Crash Man 2:01 - Quick Man 2:40 - Wood Man 3:09 - Boss Battle 3:41 - Title Screen 3:53 - Password Screen 4:06 - Metal Man 4:44 - Dr. Wily's Castle 5:16 - Credits 5:43 - Dr. Wily's Castle II 6:08 - Air Man 6:59 - Bubble Man 8:18 - Epilogue For any gear inquiries, simply ask me in the comment section or head here: http://travisorbin.com/equipment.htm If you'd like to purchase an isolated drum movie for this, please visit: http://travisorbin2.bigcartel.com/product/isolated-drum-takes-w-video Full drum set transcription: http://travisorbin.com/images/TravisOrbin-MegaMan2Medley.JPG Tip via PayPal: https://paypal.me/orbinator http://www.travisorbin.com

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