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मिस्टर मजनू (4K ULTRA HD) साउथ इंडियन हिंदी डब्ड मूवी | MR. MAJNU | Akhil Akkineni, Nidhhi Agerwal
Goldmines Dishoom
Goldmines Dishoom 22.9JT Followers 2684 Videos 6.6M Jumlah video 2021-06-03 PublishedTanggal Upload: 2021-08-07
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मिस्टर मजनू (4K ULTRA HD) साउथ इंडियन हिंदी डब्ड मूवी Mr Majnu Hindi Dubbed Full Movie in 4k Mr Majnu 4k Hindi Dubbed Movie Mr Majnu Akhil Akkineni Hindi Dubbed Movie Akhil Akkineni New Hindi Dubbed Movie 2021 Akhil Akkineni 4K Ultra HD Quality Hindi Dubbed Movie Nidhhi Agerwal New Hindi Dubbed Movie 2021 Izabelle Leite New Hindi Dubbed Movie 2021 South 2021 New Hindi Dubbed Movies 2021 south indian movie hindi dubbed love story hd nidhi agarwal south movie hindi dubbed
The movie story deals with Vicky, a handsome boy who flirts with everyone and never been in any serious relationship. Nikki is a girl who dreams of having a husband like Lord Shri Rama and loves her, takes care of her. One day, on the way to work, she sees a group of women, striking, not to suspend Vicky, who was caught by the principal, romancing his daughter. Nikki is irritated with the behaviour of Vicky but does not know that he is very kind to everyone. Nikki's brother is marrying Vicky's younger sister, so Nikki is told to shop for the wedding with Vicky. She falls in love with his kindness and requests Vicky to be in a relationship with her. Vicky feels very uncomfortable with the relationship and confesses it to Nikki. After Nikki leaves to London Vicky realises he loves Nikki and goes to London to prove his love to Nikki. The story then revolves on how Vicky gets back Nikki's love.

Movie:- Mr. Majnu
Starcast:- Akhil Akkineni, Nidhhi Agerwal, Izabelle Leite, Rao Ramesh, Vidyullekha Raman, Subbaraju, Naga Babu
Directed by:- Venky Atluri
Produced by:- Manish Shah
Music by:- S. Thaman