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House of the Dragon S2E01 Explained
Alt Shift X
Alt Shift X 1.89JT Followers 190 Videos 373.92JT Jumlah video 2024-06-23 PublishedTanggal Upload: 2024-07-18
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GameOfThrones ASOIAF HotD
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Images and video from House of the Dragon used under fair use.
Images from The World of Ice and Fire used with permission from Random House.
Map from The Lands of Ice and Fire.

Special thanks to Patrons Michael Appell, Harry, Shane Veglia, NotGac, Tessa Campbell-Kelly, Tim Cunniff, MaxPal, Jake, Nicolas L. Pimenta, T. Ledoux, Geo Hu, Abdulla Al Mulla, Tibor Pakozdi.

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