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Watercolor | How to paint a house in the woods | Pigment pen sketch watercolor [ART JACK]
ART JACK 20.7RB Followers 385 Videos 2.2JT Jumlah video 2020-11-29 PublishedTanggal Upload: --
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watercolor painting tutorial landscape 수채화 풍경 그리기 펜 스케치 ART JACK How to paint Wet on Wet Pigment pen sketch 피그먼트 펜 김재석 house woods Tree drawing Aquarell акварельный Acuarela ألوان مائية 水彩画 水彩畫 Aguarela Aquarelle आबरंग yt:cc=on
Dear viewers, nice to see you! My name is Jack Kim, a painter. Please subscribe and like it ~
Today's painting is a different genre of watercolor.
This is a watercolor painting that uses a pigment pen to sketch and color.
I drew a friendly mansion in the woods.
If you think it's difficult because the drawing speed is fast,
You can draw my own picture more easily if you stop or slow down the picture in the video settings.
I will do my best for the learning and healing of my channel viewers.
I would appreciate it if you could watch the advertisement and my video until the end.
Anyone of the viewers can subscribe to my free drawing videos.
Now, with music, I hope you enjoy the process of completing my paintings.
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# Healing watercolor # Landscape painting # Relaxation