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Sidewalk Cops 8 - The Used Car Salesman!
Gabe and Garrett
Gabe and Garrett 2.17JT Followers 220 Videos 1.91M Jumlah video 2019-03-24 PublishedTanggal Upload: 2021-12-03
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The Sidewalk Cops get a call about a stolen vehicle (a sweet red Porsche) from Rex Cars, a local used car lot. The salesman and owner, Rex, never misses the chance for a sale! Not only did his car get stolen, but his sign-spinning T-Rex also has disappeared! Can the Sidewalk Cops get the car back? The usual high speed police chases from your favorite police kids, along with a t-rex dinosaur, an overly enthusiastic car and truck salesman, and justice served by the law, all combine to make another action -packed, fun-filled episode of Sidewalk Cops! #gabeandgarrett #sidewalkcops

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