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Rich vs Broke Pet Owners
PawZam Dogs
PawZam Dogs 1.61JT Followers 139 Videos 177.02JT Jumlah video 2021-10-05 PublishedTanggal Upload: 2022-05-27
Jumlah view video1.42JT
Rasio Like 2.26%
Jumlah Komentar1.63RB
Rata-rata view 88.4%
Perkiraan nilai video Rp 391.32JT - Rp 453.93JT
Persentase interaksi fans 3.41%
Label video
rich dog broke vs pawzam dogs dogs rebecca zamolo matt and rebecca pet owner
One dog has a Rich pet owner and the other is broke Who do you think will do better as a broke parent or a rich parent? This is clearly a VS Challenge so lets see who will win Matt or Rebecca Zamolo.

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