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Why ADHD People Relate to Emma Woodhouse - Neurodivergence and Lit
Tea with Cassiane
Tea with Cassiane 4.24RB Followers 20 Videos 226.64RB Jumlah video 2021-04-11 PublishedTanggal Upload: 2021-09-11
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neurodivergence ADHD Jane Austen Emma Emma Woodhouse classic literature
Neurodivergence and Lit Episode 3: Why ADHD People Relate to Emma Woodhouse
0:00 Intro
2:12: Emma's Brain Works Faster
4:08 Emma Can Act Impulsively
4:57 Emma Doesn't like Sustained Effort
8:48 Emma Engages in Novelty-Seeking
12:50 Conclusion and Thanks

Cassiane tells about her personal experience of relating to Jane Austen's eponymous heroine Emma for traits that she later found out were associated with her ADHD.

Of course there will be dramatic readings in costume!

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