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How rich people eat? | Funny Pranks between Songsong and Ermo! | TikTok Mukbang | Songsong and Ermao
Songsong and Ermao
Songsong and Ermao 2.93JT Followers 118 Videos 1.23M Jumlah video 2021-06-12 PublishedTanggal Upload: 2021-12-07
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Hello everyone, here are Songsong and Ermao, two brothers who live in the country and love village foods (especially the spicy ones!). We'd like to share our life and bring laughter to everyone.

This is a channel with funny videos about village foods, village cooking, spicy foods challenge, country life, pranks, etc.

Please subscribe to our Channel if our videos make you laugh. :D And turn on the little bell 🔔 for notification to prevent missing new videos.


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