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Best News Bloopers September 2020
News Be Funny
News Be Funny 703RB Followers 162 Videos 468.79JT Jumlah video 2020-09-26 PublishedTanggal Upload: 2021-10-12
Jumlah view video410.29RB
Rasio Like 96.2%
Jumlah Komentar157
Rata-rata view 58.4%
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Best News Bloopers September 2020! Funny news bloopers September 2020 that will make you laugh.


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The News Be Funny channel is the world’s official source for news bloopers. Bringing you the highest quality, edited videos that every viewer can value. Here you will find the best news bloopers, funny moments and famous lines that continue the time honored tradition of the news blooper reel unlike any other. To date, our videos have gained over 400 million views while being featured on Mashable, Buzzfeed, Time Magazine, Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, HuffPost and WGN.

“Some of the best, most influential stuff on YouTube, News Be Funny rivals just about anything else you can watch on the internet. In terms of sheer volume and added quality-of-life value, it blows every streaming service out of the water. "- Mashable, 09 Dec. 2019,
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