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2020-08-07 - Wakashio: Catastrophe Ecologique - Oil Spill at Rivière des Créoles - Ile Maurice
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Folks this was the situation at Rivière des Créoles in the East of the Island today...
I'm speaking both French and English so that people around the world can properly grasp the extent of the situation here.
We have dark days ahead of us - but the unwavering spirit displayed by the SMF and the many volunteers I've seen today gave me hope that we ARE GOING TO GET THROUGH THIS, TOGETHER!
As usual with all my videos, you are welcomed to share with Facebook's share button, but DO NOT reupload. If you wish to share with people outside facebook, the video shall be available also on YouTube - Check it out on my channel here: (should be up soon)
Note that i am entering Sabbath time and will not be available for any request within the next 24h - will get back to you after that.