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大陸情況 實拍 生活 最偏遠的鄉下 中國農村 最原始的農村生活 農村趕集 最偏遠的山區 最原始的鄉下趕集 東西便宜得不像話 大家一起買買買 中年吃货 窮遊中國 實拍 rural life 農民世界


這頻道主要講述在中國普通百姓的实际生活狀態,以及所見所聞,真實還原中國百姓脱贫,物价上涨、工资低、缺煤缺电等生活的現狀;在中國 脱贫,物价上涨、工资低、缺煤缺电等生活情况,经济不景气的情况下感觉越来越穷了,我們沒有專業設備基本手機錄製視頻,畫質一般 請您見諒。視頻上傳中我會增加字幕可以降低大家閲讀難度,由個人運營頻道,沒有工作室,沒有投資人,也不接廣告宣傳,感謝您的訂閲留言和支持,謝謝您。
This channel mainly talks about the actual living conditions of ordinary people in China, as well as what they have seen and heard, and truly restores the current situation of Chinese people’s poverty alleviation, rising prices, low wages, lack of coal and electricity; poverty alleviation in China, rising prices, low wages, and shortages Living conditions such as coal shortages and electricity, and the economic downturn feel getting poorer and poorer. We don’t have professional equipment to record videos on mobile phones. Please forgive me for the general picture quality. In the video upload, I will add subtitles to make it easier for everyone to read. The channel is operated by individuals, there is no studio, no investors, and no advertising. Thank you for your subscription, message and support. Thank you.

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