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| We Are Equestrians |
Sophianinam 14.2RB Followers 123 Videos 5.22JT Jumlah video 2012-07-18 PublishedTanggal Upload: --
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we are equestrians equestrianism horses equestrian show jumping vaulting western cross country dressage
Hey everyone :D
Hope everybody is okay, as always :)
So I managed to make a new video! And this one actually took me quite a few days because I wanted it to be very special.
I wanted to highlight equestrianism as a sport and both equestrians and their horses as athletes. This time I tried to include the many equestrian disciplines there is. I know how you want to see western, horse polo or vaulting as well as it is often put aside, but you don't see it in my videos that much just because I don't have clips of it. Well, this time, I actually spent some long hours searching for some! ;)
I know many people say equestrianism is not a sport because all we do is "sit on a horse". Well, I wanted to prove otherwise through this video. Hope this video was up to that. ;)
Lots of love,

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