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Battle at Big Rock | An All-New Short Film | Jurassic World
Jurassic World
Jurassic World 1.74JT Followers 264 Videos 685.61JT Jumlah video 2019-09-16 PublishedTanggal Upload: --
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Watch the all-new short film Battle at Big Rock now.

BATTLE AT BIG ROCK is an all-new short film directed by Colin Trevorrow, written by Trevorrow and Emily Carmichael.

The short takes place one year after the events of the last Jurassic World film in Big Rock National Park, where dinosaurs are now living in our world. The story follows a family of four whose encounter with these wild animals becomes a terrifying fight for survival.

André Holland
Natalie Martinez
Melody Hurd
Pierson Salvador


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Battle at Big Rock | An All-New Short Film | Jurassic World