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Orb Salad
deez nuts
deez nuts 118 Followers 5 Videos 575 Jumlah video 2020-12-02 PublishedTanggal Upload: 2022-05-17
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Before the fame or the money. It’s my faith and my will, to when I feel comfy. I retrace the whole thing. put to one’s eyes. And his test to survive. Life is like a king in a maze. Life is like a bitch. Written 15 building blocks, heart pounding love is dried but the healing caught like a sowing machine different concealing in effect. For what the body fiends. Keep a tied for the strengths. That's death to paint an average. I sit my head down and frame seconds into magic. That has me in a madness. I start to see different, the times I could change are only light to plot and glisten. Listen..Flaws in existence made out of interest. Standing in the rush. Self doubt no vengeance whether what is. It's standing corner not defending. Sky for the treasures Forever last in pleasures, your included in my prayers behind these bars like a prisoner, Come back and find the game. If you try to take or leave for the visitor. The brothers are cool, but if you really reject em then you starting to become a fool. I’m walking on water bloody murder has it..smell the tress sounds like a hazard. But I'm the only one who could backflip on the mattress.
Hoping on curses. Watch em serve from they help. But it's a day in a life, but I promised you to go and fell. never Amount to nothing greater. Just watching me saying it from the table, where commiment is my own if you standing cross from me deja vu or rendezvous..whatever they tellin you to just on the microphone check 1-2 1- 2...huh. I can't keep focused ahead, wondering bout the last time if I’m Grey to the dead. Or the last words to speak in the breath, that only reflect regret, feeling. The world is a terrible place, that lacks healing , that's the knowing of death, but hell's the processing of flesh, To the morning my skull arrays. Taste the sugar inside the sun if you reach of heaven’s gates.. But the ones mistaken for love are the rivals that's sensation, that carry faces from blood. It keeps freezing from the ghosts to the envy of trust. It comes together in frequencies like vowels, Spelled from my defeat not to sound out I mean a spell as a curse not to spell an act of doubt. Or drought so a miserable day, is the view from positions not the hearing and taste. But the taste is almost left out water at night. Just the reservation of light. Is confusion of sight. Im Imprisoned in the same minds that sleep, but the mind is the numbers that the codes and share to breach. Thumbs carrying different colors, just hovers and the shape takes after like the mother's. But shape is Mother Nature or nurture on the summer is the virtu of the circle but to no one's surprise is a portal what is normal attracted to the torso but the hand is the feeding to annoyance, and feeds the morsel. So the crust becomes formal to the dress it's a Morse code but the action is a source code. TAB key and press for the card to let the torch go. But where does torch go in the cross bow