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欸!我真的很喜歡這台筆電w 感謝INTEL的贊助,然後跟我一起進入筆電革新的時代吧! ►更多INTEL介紹: ►更多UX580介紹: #INTEL #UX580 #筆電 ========================================= 參與拍攝 In this video: ========================================= 更多菜喳!More Zyn ►Facebook: ►Twitch: ►官方網站 Official Website: 合作邀請:[email protected] ========================================= 〔BGM〕 ========================================= Hello, my name is Zyn. I'm a Taiwanese youtuber, gamer, creator. Hope you enjoy the videos and have a great laugh with them, Don't forget to subscribe me and leave a like, your support will be highly appreciated