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Natural Shea Butter for a smooth skin | Natural Skin Care Routine.
Lykiah's Touch
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#naturalsheabutter #skincareroutine #flawlessskin
Ever used or considered using Natural Shea Butter? You might be shocked by the benefits you might get. Watch the video for more.

-Safe for all skin type
-It offers added sun protection
-Fights Acne/ dark spots
-Reduce fine lines/wrinkles
-It helps promote cell regeneration

-Help reduce stretch marks and scarring
-It's Moisturizing
-Leaves your skin oil-free
-It may help soothe sunburn and other skin burns-Soothe irritation( eczema,Dermatitis,skin allergies)
-Helps reduce hyperpigmentation.
-Improves skin texture
-It may help soothe insect bites




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