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  • love_yourself jazi
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    • Jiwoo
    • #btssuga
    • vkook
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  • Lucy lou
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    • kpop
    • kpop diet
    • valentine's day makeup tutorial
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    I love makeup, fashion, food, and BTS. #love_yourself

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  • Maya Orihara
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  • Born Unique
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedBorn Unique
    • #RedVelvet
    • Born Unique
    • @kiabuzz
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    Born UniQue is a K-pop Cover Crew From Mizoram, India formed on 13th May 2018. We are under Green Machine Projects who manages our Crew. Our Main aim is to expand K-pop in India and try out K-pop Festivals and events all over the World. Please like and subscribe our Page. We promise to cover as much K-pop Songs as we can. Do follow us on Instagram as welll in the link provided. Born UniQue compiles of members from different Dance Crews who came together for the love of K-Pop and Dance. We will keep trying our best to showcase K-Pop and Hallyu Wave in India. Current Members: 1. Xoe (Leader) 2. Jonathan LiL Jae (Co-Leader) 3. Glimmer 4. Mampuia 5. Ruatdika 6. Matthew 7. NotBenjamin 8. Mawimawii 9. Saii 10. Allen 11. Teremi 12.Masangi

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  • Mohini Dmg
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedMohini Dmg
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    #Love_Yourself ❤ #Danish_zehen_fan💔 #_coolestbadboi_😎 #He_is_with_us_forever_and_ever😍 #20/12/18😭

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    Influencer’s URL has been copiedTHE K-WAY
    • kpop
    • moments
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    🇰🇷 ~ Welcome to THE K-WAY YouTube Channel ~ 🇰🇷 안녕하세요 여러분, 저는 라샤이 입니다. 처음 뵙겠습니다! ( Hello everyone, my name is Lashai. Nice to meet you!) ✌🏼️ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ₩ 🖖🏼WE'RE ALL MAD HERE🖖🏼 ₩ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IT’S ALL ABOUT: TRAVEL + ✈️ LANGUAGE + BEAUTY + MUSIC + EDIT'S +💻 EVENTS+ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Learning: * Korean🇰🇷, Japanese🇯🇵 & Chinese🇨🇳 * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Follow Me 🤗: Twitter: @thekway_100 Instagram: @thekway_100 Facebook Page: @thekway100 Snapchat: @thekway_100 ---- Business Inquiries: \*** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please remember to LIKE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW

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  • Лисса
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedЛисса
    • лисса маева
    • питание
    • 24 часа в деревне
    • 1.93JTSubscribers
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    Всем привет! Авеми Лисса бьюти канал для девушек которые хотят стать красивыми. Вы найдете тут самые лучшие советы о том как похудеть. Как стать красивой. Как мотивировать себя. Приятное и полезное лайфхаки которые работают. Уроки макияжа,идеи для причёсок советы по уходу за собой. Как стать красивой, как стать увереннее в себе ? Все это есть на моем канале .У меня много интересов и я часто путешествую люблю азиатские регионы ;корейская косметика,влог из Японии, все это есть на моем канале.Так же у меня есть бенгальский кот и я снимаю видео про животных. Не забудь подписаться на мой канал и смотреть мои видео, чтобы ничего не пропустить По вопросам рекламы и сотрудничества *** Социальные сети : Инстаграм , Телеграм Вконтакте

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  • Mshaheer Entertainment
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedMshaheer Entertainment
    • kpop
    • #k-pop
    • WINNER
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    اول قناة عربية تهتم بمشاهير كوريا وتحديدا الكيبوب ❤ من خلال اخبارهم ومعلومات عنهم واحداث وتجمعات وحفلات كيبوبية ... مع 👇 بارك بيشو يونغ Park Besho Young 박보영 و جيون جو لي Jeon joe lee 전 조 리 معنا لنشر الكيبوب بالوطن العربي 😍 شكرا لكل شخص ساهم بنشر فيديو او تعليق او لايك

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  • Xyliexy
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedXyliexy
    • CUTE
    • jimmy
    • bts
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    #BTS #LOVE_YOURSELF #방탄소년단 #BANGTAN Members: J-hope Namjoon Taehyung Jin Suga Jungook Jimin

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  • JL_Kdiamond
    Influencer’s URL has been copiedJL_Kdiamond
    • 태형
    • Jimin
    • 방탄뉴스
    • 135.98RBSubscribers
    • 203Videos
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    I am a dedicated BTS ARMY - K-ARMY a.k.a. K-diamond. I sincerely appreciate these 7 gorgeous young men for their genuine hard work, talent, and dedication for individual and for the whole group. They are truly amazing and I've been subbing their amazing contents. I started subbing so that many people outside of Korea would recognize and appreciate their talent. and I tried and still try my best to spread their talents to International as accurate as possible. I had no idea they would become this big. I am really proud and I feel like we are growing together even with fellow ARMYs. Just in case you are wondering how many languages I speak, I am fluent in Korean, Japanese and English. I also learned a little bit of Chinese and Spanish back in school. I LOVE YOU ALL ♥

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