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15.68RB Views· 2018-11-20 Tanggal publikasi· 148 Likes· 62 Komen

AWAKENING OF 12 STRANDS - MANUAL TO FORMS OF MANIPULATION - Published 25th November (2016), 25/11/16 on Written in 2013. Shot since 2015, over the course of 15 months. I had the pleasure of writing the story, screenplay, Directing, searching for Scene locations, casting for actors, preparing scene locations, doing makeup, training actors before scenes, managing mic, camera, EDITING (no support), as well acting in it for 15 months. "Observers - C constellation beings" "Inner earth beings" and "Beings from C constelation" "Parallel realities" "Deal with the Devil" "Negative contract provocations" "Radiation and Electronic Harassment" "TARGETED INDIVIDUALS" "Archons" "HIV FRAUD". FULL STORY: Thank You for deciding to watch this movie on Soul bounty hunting on "only" specific "souls" BY --Artifical Intelligence based "The GREYs" like beings with reptilian eye irises and amnesic human beings. "Life after life , after life , after life ..." Until ... PLEASE don't MISS time travel scenes. AND the shift that certain souls move in to, that allows having God-like abilities. Awakening and activation of their DNA. An important topic to understand why some lives are so horrid and sad. There is a solution and that is making a "decision" and taking the time to understand. If you have been fortunate enough to lead a blessed life, then it does not immediately mean, that you have not been manipulated to turn a blind eye to those, who are in need of our protection and help. FULL STORY It's about specifically selected soul targetting and "overcoming targetting" with the same souls existing power. How soul targetting leads to military targeting, DUE to a "soul signature". core message, how to Go back to events and change them! The soul having a mission to live a bigger purpose and serve a neighbor and this soul being targeted and eliminated life after life by dark forces (archon). For example, Jasmine being a resistance group man previous life and being murdered and reincarnating as a girl with many inner demons, that have been sent after her deliberately to cause amnesia and forget her purpose to serve humanity. The idea of being manipulated into negative karma (suicidal, crime, drugs, self-neglect). Her taking back control and deleting those events and redesigning her life. (Time travel). Secondly - Going back to negative events you have caused and restaging them and "deleting" them. Shamanic. Thirdly - Nonexistence of HIV and people falling for the big pharma fight OR flight manipulation tactics (applying 500 plus false symptoms on to "Aids") to eliminate ordinary people to reduce world population and people from certain special blood groups.

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