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Mr Neel Raithatha aka The Wax Whisperer
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1.64JT Views· 2018-04-18 Tanggal publikasi· 4.11RB Likes· 599 Komen

This blocked ear wax removal extraction procedure is performed by UK pioneer and world leading endoscopic ear wax removal specialist Mr Neel Raithatha (Consultant Audiologist) aka 'The Wax Whisperer’ at his clinic in Oadby, Leicester, UK. Ear wax removal is necessary when ear wax build up becomes impacted. Symptoms causes by earwax blockage include: earache (otalgia), conductive hearing loss, blocked ear, tinnitus, itchiness and irritation, occlusion etc. The ear wax removal procedure in this video utilities the iCLEARscope®, Zoellner suction probe, Fine End Gauge 18 and St Bart’s Ear Hook. Upon examination there was fungal spores present on the outer later of ear wax (otomycosis). This layer of earwax had to be broken into smaller pieces using an Ear Hook before being suctioned. Crocodile forceps would not have been suitable as the earwax and dead skin was soft and therefore instead of being removed in one mass it would have been torn into small pieces. The final part of the procedure was to remove as much dead skin off the ear canal and also some discharge off the eardrum using the Fine End. After the procedure the client was referred to their GP for antibiotic treatment of their otitis externa. Want to watch more Ear Wax Removal Videos? Then subscribe to my YouTube channel right here: To arrange an ear wax removal appointment please visit my website: If you’re experience hearing problems and would like to arrange a hearing consultation, click here: To learn about the latest hearing aids follow the below link: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: This video is exclusively managed by Caters News. To license or use in a commercial player please contact [email protected] or +44 121 616 1100 / +1 646 380 1615

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