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138.69RB Views· 2014-07-14 Tanggal publikasi· 11.4RB Likes· 3.73RB Komen

Short hair don't care. Im loving my new length..but I love my natural hair and the natural me PERIOD. THUMBS UP THIS VIDEO . Where and Who cut my hair ? Moler's Barber College Oakland, CA, Stylist Brandon Women who inspired me to cut my hair cute and cropped: FAQ's How long have I been natural? 15 years natural. 5 years with locs Big chopped 3x's What is your hair type? My hair is a combination of 4b strands that are coarse, the back is 4a coils and the crown is a wirey s-curls and waves. Do you use the curly girl method? No I dont, Ive tried it. If it works for you, then stick with that. How often do you trim your hair? I dont get my hair professionally cut or trimmed. I trim my ends approximately 2-3 times a year. Iits typically when I use some type of heat tool MY POPULAR VIDEOS ♡Protective Styles For Hair Growth : ♡Favorite ALL Natural Products: ♡Accessories Natural Hair Protective Styles: ♡Extensions For Kinky Hair : ♡My Natural Hair Secret Weapon: ♡Inexpensive Products That Work For Natural Hair : ♡Grease and Water Twist Out: ♡Natural Hair & Oil Rinsing- ♡Heat-Free Curls - ♡My LONG LASTING moisture routine- ♡My Foundation Routine - ---------------------------------------- LET'S STAY CONNECTED - - Instagram: AFRICANEXPORT use hashtag #africanexport so I can see posts you tag me in :) & if your IG is on private remember I can't see your photos if you tag me :( -- - Twitter: -Facebook: OTHER INFO: -Recorded with Canon t3i -Edited with iMovie Check Out : The one stop shop for contemporary women of color. For business inquiries ONLY such as company sponsors or reviews, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

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