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682.91RB Views· 2019-03-01 Tanggal publikasi· 9.93RB Likes· 1.03RB Komen

I test out the ForceTube and feel gun recoil in Virtual Reality! This is a rumble and recoil haptic feedback module for your VR gunstock. Now when playing Virtual Reality shooters such as Onward, War Dust, Pavlov and Contractors you can feel the recoil of each shot! Pretty cool right, well lets find out... Timestamps; 01:40 - ForceTube Overview & Specs 03:48 - ForceTube Setup 04:10 - Testing ForceTube with Onward (Native Support) 05:07 - Testing ForceTube with War Dust (Native Support) 05:51 - Testing ForceTube with Pavlov 06:53 - Testing ForceTube with Contractors 07:42 - My conclusion and review You can back the ForceTubeVR on Kickstarter here; Or visit the official ProTube website here; Enter my giveaway for an original ProTube stock for Oculus Rift here; **The giveaway was removed as using features of now violates YouTube's terms and conditions. Thanks to the 1427 people that already entered. I'll be drawing the winner soon** Thanks for watching []-) Subscribe here if you enjoyed the video Become a supporter of the channel by becoming a channel member and gain access to member only perks Join my VR community Discord server to talk VR with like minded Virtual Reality enthusiasts If you want a comfy replacement for your standard VR headset foam pad, check out the awesome products from VR Cover Facebook...... Twitter .......... Instagram ..... #ForceTube #ProTube #VirtualReality

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