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13.79JT Views· 2019-04-02 Tanggal publikasi· 238.32RB Likes· 0 Komen

Sooo hello everyone. When people watch us they probably always presume the same... that our family does not have accidents from time to time. We always make time to post the perfect content but I think it’s important for everyone to know how safe we have to be. Anything can happen! Accidents can happen. While we was just chilling like we do every day millie accidentally pawed and it stroked Parker’s face. Her claw could of got his eye. And it wouldn’t of been Millie’s fault. It wouldn’t of been Parker’s fault. It would of been mine. This is prime example of how dangerous it is sometimes to have dogs around children and they must be watched none stop. I am posting this because we could hide from things like this... but we want everybody to know even millie, the kindest most caring dog in the world can accidentally hurt somebody. Make sure if you do have children and you do have dogs it’s down to us as parents to make sure they are safe and not hurt. I am posting this video so everyone can see we are far from perfect too. Even we get a bit lax with how we are with the dogs. We should all remember it’s our duty to keep our dogs and children safe. They are all children. Don’t worry Parker in no way was hurt it just scared him a little bit. You can see he is so much better than adults. So many people in this situation would of shouted at the dog. Or would of even smacked them. No. It’s not the dogs fault. Or the babies fault. Accidents happen. Parker the whole time after this happened just wanted to run around and play and kiss millie. Kids hold no grudges. I miss them days... sometimes we should take advice from kids more. They are our future after all! Anyway! Sorry if this is a bit of an emotional post. We just wanted everyone to see accidents can happen. Stay safe everybody.

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