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47.23RB Views· 2018-10-02 Tanggal publikasi· 2.52RB Likes· 354 Komen

The verb HABER in Spanish is a tricky topic for everyone. Hay, había and hubo are 3 confusing words. Do you know how to use them? In this video I will teach you exactly what you need to know to use these 3 words correctly. Leave a comment telling me: ¿Cuántas respuestas correctas obtuviste en el ejercicio? And make sure you download the 'Cheat Sheet', which contains a summary of this lesson with more examples. Download it here: https: Spanish Conversational Classes on Skype! - Details here: Check out one of our best videos on SER vs. ESTAR. Check it out here: We post videos on Tuesdays. Want more material and Spanish lessons? Great, we teach you and give you tips on pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, slang, etc. Visit us at: And start enjoying all what we have prepared for you: articles, lessons and worksheets, videos, podcast, etc... Follow us on Facebook: And check out one of our PODCAST: Españolistos: where we talk about interesting topics (food, politics, economy, music, movies, etc.) and the Hispanic culture. It's 99% in Spanish and you can DOWNLOAD the transcripts for each episode. Dinos en tus comentarios sobre otros temas que quieras que expliquemos :) Un abrazo grande. Andrea.

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