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17.36JT Views· 2014-07-01 Tanggal publikasi· 429.46RB Likes· 28.27RB Komen

Available on iTunes: Click here to share this on Twitter: Click here to post this on Facebook: For a limited time only, get your very own LEH t-shirt: Watch Behind the Scenes: Get Humble's 'See a Singh' sweater! Free sample of Humble's Book 'Unlearn' Humble the Poet YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Business Inquiries: Superwoman Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: Business Inquiries: Get your official 'Unicorn Island' merchandise here: Music Production: Durrani Bros. Twitter: Facebook: Video Production: Digitology Website: Instagram: Music Video Stylist: Ess Kay Ji Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Make Up by: Glo Bar Studios Website: Hair by: Sarah Samra Twitter: Facebook: Featuring AsapSCIENCE: Twitter: YouTube: Male Models: Jabbar: Shazad: Al: Gurpreet: Female Models: Kyla: (c/o Felicia: Hetal: Luxury Vehicles provided by: ROLLS ROYCE: BENTLEY: Humbl'se Suit provided by - Pocket Square & Bowtie c/o Special thanks to The Glass Museum for production assistance: Twitter: Website: ===LYRICS=== [HUMBLE] Y'all can't be serious right now... Y'all so ridiculous Lilly, let'em know... [SUPERWOMAN] 4 thousand dollars on a purse... LEH Still got tuition bills to pay... LEH Swiping daddy's card at the club... LEH Tweeting 'bout life being hard... LEH Say you hate mama, cause she's dumb... LEH Living free, eating good food, no rent... Say you hate drama queens like your friends... But girl you the one with the crown on your head... LEH OMG LOL, you got us saying LEH, you ridiculous as hell [x2] [HUMBLE] 3 hundred-dollar headphones... LEH Always spending all your money on some stupid sh*t... Drive around in your mama's car... LEH But you frontin like it's yours... LEH (Chip in gas money) Thinking you a gift to women... LEH Internet the only way you getting with'em... LEH You really really thinking that you pimpin boy... HEH cause you rock a haircut from Mad Men... (Grow a beard sucka!) OMG LOL, you got us saying LEH, you ridiculous as hell x2 [SUPERWOMAN] Booty shorts in the winter... LEH Rockin open-toes in the snow... LEH Making out with your friends man... LEH But then you say that you hate hoes... LEH Instagram pics, no filter? LEH Trying to get all the boys to double-tap... Looking like Casper, duck-lips QUACK! Blurring everything in the pic, but your rack... LEH OMG LOL, you got us saying LEH, you ridiculous as hell x2 [HUMBLE] Photo shoots at the gym... LEH Flexing all your muscles when you take a pic... Spending more time checking girls, than working out... Sucking in that gut every time you walk around... LEH Overprotective of your sister... LEH But with all the other girls you switch it... LEH Always complaining about your haters... LEH But you the one talking all behind your friends back... LEH OMG LOL, you got us saying LEH, you ridiculous as hell x2 [HUMBLE & SUPERWOMAN] Borrow money from your friends... LEH Never pay it back in the end... LEH But you buying bottles with your crew... LEH In debt, getting trashed in your booth... LEH Now it's 2am, and you're drunk... Listening to Drake, and you're crunk... So you grab your phone and you text... Look at that, big surprise, who you messaging? Your EX! LEH OMG LOL, you got us saying LEH, you ridiculous as hell x4 --Drop--

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