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11.44JT  0.31%
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125.92RB  0.87%
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17,459th  (Top 1%)
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2,053rd  (Top 1%)
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7  (di bulan terakhir)
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Rp 2.6JT-Rp 6.95JT
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Rp 8.03JT  (Setiap Video)
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553.84RB Views· 2019-08-22 Tanggal publikasi· 28.64RB Likes· 9.02RB Komen

The #PUBG craze has definitely taken over the country, however, it’s not for the best of reasons. The game has become a serious #addiction for the public and is #harmful in several ways. Gen-Z can’t get their hands and eyes of the screen and are crossing extremes by skipping meals, bunking school and stealing money to play and win this #game! PUBG and other video games are doing nothing but harm to people – and of course that is not a good sign! So, watch ahead and let us help you become a bit more aware of the cons of the game and how you can overcome the addiction. What do you think of PUBG? Do you also have friends who are addicted to this game? Do let us know in the comment section below! Hit the like button, share with your friends and subscribe to our channel for more such informative videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiWe-JhZJL3cGpFsZNyU7uA More about Recharge: Giving you the juice to keep upgrading your life, style and gadgets are what defines Recharge. Making tech simple, easy, understandable and common in India, our technology channel is all about making your choices simpler and ultimately your life, easier. Recharge, the ultimate YouTube tech channel speaks to the youth of this country, and we speak the language of the newest smartphones, the best laptops, the most awesome smartwatches, the coolest science experiments, the most mind-blowing science inventions around us and more. Think unboxing reviews, budget buys, hi-tech specs and most importantly, tech news about gadgets you need for your social media feed! Recharge your feed. Recharge your batteries. Recharge your life. So, stay on to watch us discover the best of the tech trends and news, the newest phone and gadget launches, and rocking science experiments and break it down for every tech dummy in India. Our gadget and app reviews will tell you all that you need to keep up with your social media life as well as IRL. We have an unboxing vid for every new OMG product and a list of the most SPEC-tacular gadgets for every one of your needs. If you need the inside scoop on the newest mobile launch, this channel is where you need to be. Need a handy travel camera? We got a list. Need a filter fix for that Instagram feed? We got a list. Need an app to shed those KGs? WE GOT A LIST! And, ladies and gentlemen, don’t forget to check out our app reviews for those online shopping apps, reading apps or checklist apps. Falling short of those dolla dolla bills? Worry not! Our “In My Budget” segment will keep you afloat during the month end. We scout out the best phones and gadgets under a budget, try it out and tell you exactly where you should be spending those Ks. Got an experiment you wanna try out? Well, we will try it out for you! Lots of fun explosions, science tips and tricks, and satisfying reactions, we shoot the coolest science experiments to tell you the difference between the studs and the duds. So, stay on to watch us discover the best of the tech trends and news, the newest phone and gadget launches, and rocking science experiments and break it down for every tech dummy in India. Make easier choices, know exactly which cool gadget to get and start killing it in your social group. Recharge is the key to stay updated on the latest smartphones, tech gadgets, apps and cool science tricks.

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