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7.47JT Views· 2019-08-31 Tanggal publikasi· 201.81RB Likes· 12.34RB Komen

We LOVE what we do, and with YOUR HELP, we can do even more! Please join the Hope For Paws team with a small donation here: https://www.HopeForPaws.org I knew I would need the whole unit on this one, so JoAnn Wiltz, Katie McKittrick, and Loreta Frankonyte joined me on this dangerous rescue. A protective mom or dad can be very dangerous - we just make it look easy :-) Amazon, Hudson, Nile, Trinity, Lena, Seine, Tigris, and Yukon were all fostered by our friends at Socal Labrador Retriever Rescue and they are ALL ADOPTED ALREADY!!! If you are interested in adopting a Labrador, please contact them here: https://www.SCLRR.org - Even though Amazon and her babies were adopted, they have other Labradors who are looking for a home. Bear and Juniper continued to our friends at The Little Red Dog to be fostered. Bear already found a loving forever home, but Juniper is still looking for a home. If you would like to adopt him, please contact them directly here: https://www.TheLittleRedDog.com I really appreciate your support and I really hope you can help us by liking the video, sharing the video, and most importantly, join our mailing list here: https://www.HopeForPaws.org/Join Thank you for sending us toys for the puppies :-) I am sure the next litter of puppies is coming up soon, and if you would like to send a unique looking toy (like the ones in this video), I promise it will make it to one of our next videos! Our mailing address: Hope For Paws 8950 W. Olympic Blvd #525 Los Angeles, CA 90211 Thank you sooooo much! Eldad #HopeForPaws #Amazon #Puppies

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