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186.77RB Views· 2018-08-31 Tanggal publikasi· 2.53RB Likes· 591 Komen

Hello! Today's video is a diy on how to bleach your hair at home from dark brown to blonde! Or.. almost blonde! I'm showing you how I was able to fix this extremely orange hair you see in the thumbnail! Is this an extreme bleach fail? Not totally but I realized going blonde is definitely a process especially if you're starting out with very dark hair! I've been wanting to go blonde for a few months and I was thinking I would need to go to a salon to get my hair professionally done but then one night, I started watching youtube tutorials on how to bleach your own hair at home and the results were so great I was like \"I can do this too\"! So this video is for all of you thinking of doing your own hair, hope you learn from my mistakes and know what to do and what not to do! Also, doing your hair at home will definitely save you some money! I think you can definitely do this for around 50$. The results were not what I was expecting, but next time I do my hair I will definitely film the process as well! I think I decided on the final look I'm going for, I would like a beige blonde. I don’t want orange in my hair, but I still want some warmth because I think it will be nicer with my skin tone and eyes. A beige/sandy blonde will be more of a neutral with some gold in it! Maybe a level 8 with lighter pieces (level 10) that’s what I’m hoping to achieve next time I do my hair. Of course it’s a process, since I started with very dark brown hair that had been process a lot the past few years. I hope you enjoyed this video, even though my color didn’t turn out how I was expecting, but I’m no professional and I still think I did ok.. I look more tan so I’m happy lol! Thanks for watching xxx **WHAT MY HAIR LOOKS LIKE 3 MONTHS LATER: HOW I DYE MY HAIR AT HOME UNDER 20$: HOW I DYE MY HAIR AT HOME - BLACK/BROWN COLOR: HOW I DYE MY HAIR AT HOME -WARM CHOCOLATE BROWN: HOW TO COVER GREY ROOTS: Products I used: BLEACH Joico Blonde life CAN: US: or L’Oreal Quick Blue CAN: US: DEVELOPER 20 Vol (I use any brand available I don’t have a preference) CAN: US: DEVELOPER 10 VOL (If you only want to deposit color, it won’t lift the hair. Can be good if you hair is damaged and you want to tone only) CAN: US: COLOR Joico Vero K Pak Colors 6B - light brown for my roots CAN : US: 7N - dark blonde applied to lengths of my hair mixed with 8B CAN: US: 8B - medium beige blonde mixed with 7N in lengths and in the ends CAN: US: The toner I wish I used is the Wella T35, it has a blue base and would work on the level 7/8 my hair was CAN: US: The Wella color charm toners are very popular on Yt, especially the T18 but since it's purple based, it would not work on orange hair. it's meant for pale yellow hair. Wanted to mention this because when I was watching some videos, I saw people use this on the level of hair mine was and it didn't work! CAN: US: Matrix Re Bond shampoo, treatment and conditioner are amazing! It's great at rebounding the hair! I'm out of the shampoo but once I'm done with the ones I'm using right now I will probably get this one again! Shampoo CAN: US: Conditionner CAN: US: Treatment (you use this before the conditioner, 2 times a week) CAN: US: Matrix Brass Off this shampoo and conditioner has a blue based so it's meant to correct and fix orange and brassy tones in hair. I'm using this next time I wash my hair and I will film the process! Video coming soon! Shampoo CAN: Conditionner CAN: Shampoo and conditionner US: Color treatment CAN: US: To film my videos I use the Canon 77D To film my vlogs and selfies on Instagram I use the Canon G7x II The ring light I use: Keep up with me INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: @barbiebrune012 SNAPCHAT: chlo-zadori For business inquiry you can contact XO Chloé Music by Joakim Karud #howtobleachyourhair #browntoblonde #bleachyourhairathome #diybleachyourhair

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