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This is my update/documentation #62 of the Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 for the month of April 2019. This year will be an exciting year as we see fast developments on all 5 sections of the mega infrastructure project. Will break down the time code here and my observations: 0:14 - Along the first part of section 1 (as of documentation) the first part that was opened to the public was closed so asphalt works can commence. 1:43 - Works along the offramp (sb) - still lacking girders while others have steel deck installed. 2:17 - check out this area, probably a toll plaza will be built here.. hoping it wont create a bottle neck 3:18 - this is very satisfying to see, only two more steel box girders remain to be installed along span 88 to 89 Section 2A 3:48 - Works around plaza dilao 4:23 - Concordia Bridge NB seems to be ready for an opening in weeks to come , at least no more bottleneck 4:53 - Plaza Azul area Section 2B 6:04 - As you could see, on going pouring on Tomas Claudio area. 6:26 - Container yeard works 7:11 - reaching Pasig river 7:53 - The old hanging bridge has been removed along San Juan river (connecting Punta Sta Ana and Bacood Sta Mesa - Manila) It will be replaced by a stronger bridge according the Mr Gouvary. 9:08 - The Sevilla bridge was lifted to make way for the barge to pass. Unfortunately that was done during night time. 10:09 - Upstream San Juan river works 10:59 - San Juan bridge as of this documentation Section 3 12:32 - Current status of the on ramp NB - Araneta avenue 13:15 - You could see how the double decker would look like here, such a beautiful image. Unfortunately for the surrounding area, it will be dark as the skylight will be covered by this multi level elevated road. 15:07 - the steel box girder along Quezon Avenue intersection - pouring done. Section 4 17:28 - Delmonte Araneta intersection - girder installation has pass through Del Monte. 18:16 - Closer checking this portion of section 4, you could see elevation transition 19:44 - Works along Sgt Rivera 20:56 - The private property structure has been removed to make way for the main line towards A Bonifacio / section 5. It makes me wonder how will be the condition of the red roof house where the pier head occupied a portion of, will that structure be still inhabitable? Will the structure compromise the pier head? 21:50 - works along C3 (going to 5th avenue) Section 5 22:24 - Balintawak interchange works 23:29 - pile boring activity along NLEX before Camachille flyover Side note: - There are structures being demolished along A bonifacio, will post images on the community sections. Are these structures going to be affected by Skyway? - You could see the complete stage 3 route on the waze, please make time to check and research the map also - Appreciate the gesture of resharing this post thru the share button :-) Thank you for watching! See you next time on the next updates. For more detailed up to date pictures - check out www.facebook.com/pinoyjoyride or the community section of dmitrivalencia at youtube. #metromanilaskywaystage3 #mmss3

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