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Chicken Lollipop—Drums of Heaven recipe: Any meal in chinatown in Calcutta must begin with some chicken lollipops, washed down with some fresh lime soda. This particular recipe is based on the drums of heaven that used to be served at Songhay on Waterloo Street. It is very simple. The hardest part for a beginner is to form the chicken lollipops from chicken wings. We have tried to give you a detailed step-by-step guide to forming your own chicken lollipops at home. The second important detail is to get the chicken marination and frying right, so that the drums of heaven turn out crispy with only a thin coating. The sauce can be customised to your taste. Just make sure it has a sticky and thick consistency before adding the fried wings. If making a large batch, you can fry the lollipops and make the sauce in advance. Then you can re-fry the wings at a high temperature for a minute, re-heat the sauce, and toss to coat just before serving. This is the only way to ensure the wings are crispy when you serve them. __ 🥘 RECIPE WITH INGREDIENT LIST 📝 __ 🔪CURIOUS ABOUT OUR KITCHEN POTS & PANS? 🍳 __ 👕 GET THE BONG EATS PHUCHKA T-SHIRT! __ ℹ️ ABOUT MSG - - out-to-be - - David Chang's "Ugly Delicious" on Netflix, Season 1, Episode 7 on fried rice. __ 🎶 MUSIC "Chowringhee" composed by Bemanan ©Bong Eats, 🎧 GET THE ALBUM (© for listening only) __ 👨🏽‍🍳 Cooking Bong Eats recipes? 👩🏽‍🍳 📸SHOW US YOUR PHOTOS! Instagram @bongeats Or follow us on Twitter @bongeats | Facebook @bongeats

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