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85.89RB Views· 2019-08-08 Tanggal publikasi· 1.17RB Likes· 890 Komen

Kashmir Issue: Some Hidden Facts | What Pakistan Will Do? Zamana Gawah Hai is a weekly talk show about current affairs in Islamic perspective. Covering International Politics & Conspiracies, End Times and its sign. Future of the World, Islam as a Politico Socio Economic System, Pakistan and its significance regarding Islam. This program in hosted by Asif Hameed and the guests are Ayyub Baig Mirza, Director Media production Tanzeem e Islami Pakistan and Raza ul Haq, research scholar of Tanzeem e Islami. The Kashmir conflict is a territorial conflict between Pakistan and India over the Kashmir region. This issue is very hot these days. Pakistan closes three air routes for Indian careers, Pakistan decides to downgrade diplomatic ties by suspending trade with India and Pakistan is saying to UN to play due role on Kashmir Issue. And Parliament joint sessions are occurring in Pakistan. Pakistan expels Indian high commissioner after this current issue. This is all happening after India remove Article 370 from its doctrine. No one’s know what will happen in next few days. There is a continuous war threat among India and Pakistan over Kashmir issue. And Kashmiris also express lot of anger at loss of their special status. Article 370 was a part of constitution of India and it is illegal to remove anything from constitution. Kashmiris are under continuous torture. After this 8-10 Kashmiris martyring daily just because of that they are Muslims. All the world is seeing at Pakistan that what will Pakistan do after this. Imran Khan may visit China and Tayyip Erdogan, Malaysian Prime minister and some other countries main personnel’s support Pakistan. India is trying to make a new Palestine in Kashmir. The main theme of this program is What should Pakistan do in this regard. Hindus are narrow minded people, they want that the India should be free of any other religion except Hinduism. And they way Indians are treating Kashmir is shameful for whole of the humanity. Hindu extremist population were always high in India but in past they don’t have any political interference but after 1980 and Modi government Hindu extremism come very clear in front of whole of the world. The India opposition are also raising their voices against this cruelty in Kashmir. And you should know that 360 votes were in the favor of changing constitution and only 60 votes were against this constitution. There is a threat that there will start gorilla war and Sikhs will also come to attention. And Quaid-e-Azam said that “Hindus are incorrigible”. And Imran Khan speech in Parliament is clear message to whole world. Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy was a person who tried to settle the Kashmir conflict in very effective way. Like Tanzeem e Islami Facebook Page: Like Our Official Facebook Page: Like Dr Israr Ahmed Official Facebook Page: Follow to our twitter account: Visit Tanzeem e Islami Official website: Visit Our Official website: #KashmirIssue #KashmirConflict #ZamanaGawahHai

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