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The Hmong/Miao people view life and death as a living garden. Each soul is viewed as a seed "noob neej" and which everyone is a planted seed on earth. A wandering soul with no history or culture is one who "tu caj tu cej" or one without roots. To reproduce or to bear children to the Hmong people goes by the saying "Cog qoob cog loo" or to plant crop seeds. In the Hmong culture, dreaming of a pumpkin means giving birth to a boy. Some dreams of cucumber and melons. In a certain Hmong tribe, when the person passed away.. the decease's head is put to rest on an intricate embroider cloth called "noob ncoo". From hemp fabric to hemp clothes, to rice as a main source of offering to the deities and rice cakes to the decease love ones, to bamboo divination tools to bamboo musical instrument......the Hmong ancestors knew that in order to speak to the spirits and animals, they must speak using the gifts that belong to Earth itself; the leaf, bamboo, copper jew harp.... The views that all things are from earth and belong to earth are ancient wisdom and knowledge passed down from the Miao people to the next. This song is called 稻花魂 (Rice Flower Soul) or Spirit of the Rice Flower. I will put its Hmu story when I'm free. Rice Flower Soul is an ancient folk story of the Hmu people in regards to its animistic origin of honoring the rice spirits. Event: 2017“云上丹寨·大美非遗”·稻花魂

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