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Today we a look at the odd occurrence of so many fighters from big gyms outside of Asia are repping Evolve MMA when they fight in ONE Championship. Just in case you don’t know, Evolve MMA is owned by Chatri Sitodtong, that happens to be the same Chatri Sityodtong that is the founder, chairman, and CEO of ONE Championship. Blaring conflict of interest aside, what really gets me, what really makes me scratch my head is why so many fighters who come over from prominent gyms outside Asia come into ONE Championship and rep Evolve alongside their own gym. Just in recent history, we have seen this with Ben Askren who repped Rufusport and Evolve, We saw this with Demtrious Johnson who repped AMC Pankration and Evolve, Garry Tonon repped Renzo Gracie and Evolve and most recently Sage Northcut who repped Alpha Male and Evolve, and even walked out in an Evolve T-Shirt. And of course, two of the fighter the promotion pushes more than anyone else Angela Lee and Christian Lee, both of whom fight out of United MMA and Evolve MMA. Is this more of a sponsorship that is giving some fighters extra money to just toss the name of the gym out there, sort of like how it worked with Gary Goodridge being paid to rep “Kuk Sool Won” at UFC 8 It’s all such a shmooze, A lot of this comes back to that full blown lack of transparency that ONE is so famous for. To anyone who has followed the sport for any amount of time, this whole dual gym thing would be strange, and even more so when you realize that the gym and promotion have the same owner. Of course, any reasoning I come up with is pure speculation, but I’m a speculating man so I’ll have a theoretical go at it. At first, I thought it might be part of the cost of entry for well-known fighters looking for another run in a big organization. But the numbers for that don’t add up as there are some notable names who have not done the whole dual gym thing, Yushin Okami and Eddie Alveraze to name a few. That leads me to think that it’s much closer to the whole sponsorship idea, that Evolve MMA wants to have high caliber fighters under their banner and if they can leverage contracts with ONE Championship to make that more possible then it’s certainly an easier way to go about it than developing championship fighters from the beginning. I reached out to several former members of the Evolve Fight Team and they all confirmed that none above mentioned fighters spend considerable time at Evolve other than dropping in to do seminars or for the last week or two before their fight to finish their camps there. But they generally come with their own team and will only occasionally take part in the pro team training. Knowing this adds a lot of weight to the idea that these fighters coming over from the US are more or less sponsored by Evolve, or paid to rep that gym, not actually training out of there in any significant way. One of the things that really is interesting though and throws up a massive conflict of interest sign is that every single one of the former members of the Evolve fight team I talked to told me that Chatri trains with them just about every day at Evolve and that sometimes he will come in and actually run the training sessions for the fighters. Keep in mind, this is the guy who also owns the promotion they fight in. He trains with them every day, and he sometimes takes on the role of coach. How can he not assume that impacts his objectivity. If you go back to some of the early ONE events, back when it was still ONE FC, before they dropped the word fighting from their vocabulary. There are fights where Chatri is actually cornering fighters. One fight he is cornering Shinya Aoki, another video from the very first event, he walks out with Eddie Ng, in a fight against Yuan Chun Bo where Matt Hume, one of the Executives for ONE Championship is also the ref! But hey, nothing to see here…. What do you guys think? Why are so many of the ONE Championship imports repping Evolve MMA alongside their own gyms? And what do you think about Chatris involvement with Evolve is that a conflict of interest since he also runs ONE Championship, do I even need to ask? Let me know. And to stay up to date with all things Asian MMA Follow Asian MMA Podcast Everywhere: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: iTunes: GooglePlay: Spotify: Stitcher: Website: Host: dana blouin Producer: Emily Barner Executive Producer: dana blouin Chatri Cornering Shinya Aoki: Chatri walking out Eddie Ng:

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